Tips for Getting Your Sick Dog to Eat

Tips for Getting Your Sick Dog to Eat

Most dog owners rave about the delights of owning a dog, from residents of senior living facilities to even children. Still, there are downsides. When your beloved dog is feeling under the weather, it can be difficult. For one thing, with a weakened immune system and a lack of appetite, getting your sick dog to eat can seem like an impossible tassk.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tips you can use to encourage your pet’s appetite so that they get the proper nutrition needed to speed up their recovery.

Give Them a Treat

When your sick dog isn’t interested in their regular meals, it’s a good idea to give them a special treat. This could be anything from fresh cooked chicken to some canned tuna. If they seem interested in the treat, then you can use it to entice them into eating their regular meals.

You can either offer them a bit of the treat before and after their meal, or even mix some of it into the food itself. This will not only make their meal more appealing, but also add some extra nutrients to their diet.

Heat Up Their Food

Another way to make your dog’s food more enticing is to warm it up slightly as this will release the natural aromas of the dish and make it more tempting for them. Just be careful not to heat it up too much, as this can cause the food to lose some of its nutritional value as well as become dry and unappetizing.

You can either heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds until it is slightly warm, or you can put it under hot running water.

Try Different Textures

Offering your dog food with different textures can get them interested in their meal again. You can mix some canned food into the kibble, or even give them some wet food mixed with chunks of vegetables or fruits.

When mixing different textures of food, you want to properly blend so there are no large chunks that your pup can pick out and leave behind. For canned food, you can use a fork or spoon to mash the chunks together until they form a smooth consistency. For vegetables and fruits, you can use a blender.

Feed Them in Small Portions

When a dog isn’t feeling well, it can often be too overwhelming for them to eat a full meal. If this is the case, then you should try breaking down their meals into smaller portions and offering them throughout the day. This will make it much easier for your pet to eat and digest the nutrients they need to recover.

When measuring out small portions, it’s important to make sure they are just the right size. It’s best to use a kitchen scale or measuring cup so you know exactly how much food your pet is getting.

Overall, getting your sick dog to eat is not the easiest thing to do. But with the right methods and some time, you can help them get back on their feet in no time! Just remember to give them treats, heat up their food, try different textures, and feed them in small portions – all of which should encourage their appetite and get them eating again. Good luck!