Things To Do for Your Puppy

Things To Do for Your Puppy

Dogs are wonderful animals. These pure little angels give you so much love and attention. As babies, they are also extremely cute. But if you plan on getting a puppy, you should know what you are getting yourself into. Getting an adult dog already comes with so much responsibility. The responsibilities double if you get a puppy. It is harder to take care of a puppy since they are not trained yet, so they are very playful and hyper. Since they are still young, they are also very vulnerable and fragile.

There are a lot of things you should know if you want to have a puppy. You should know how to groom them, how to handle ticks, what food to feed them, spend a lot of time with them, and know and protect them from the hazards in their surroundings. Taking care of a puppy also requires commitment, knowledge, and a lot of patience. Unlike adult dogs, they will find ways to get stuck in unwanted situations, so you must be prepared to counter those. You must be equipped with the right skills and knowledge to keep your fur baby safe and healthy. To learn more, here is a list of things that you should do for your puppy.

Choose the right puppy food

First of all, do not assume you can just feed your puppy adult dog food. Get the right kind for them and pick the high-quality ones. Consult with the veterinarian about the puppy food best for their breed. Before buying the dog food, check the labels first. Look at the ingredients, do not buy the ones with high preservatives and artificial flavors. A home-cooked meal is also a great idea. Your puppy can get a lot of nutrients from whole foods. Make sure you are willing to and can prepare them daily.

Give them lots of your time, attention, and love

Play with them, give them treats and praises, spend time with them and most importantly, pet them often. Pet their head, stroke their legs, and give them belly rubs. Doing these will make them feel loved and improve their emotional stability. On top of that, the bond you two have will also grow stronger.

Tick Treatments

You should be wary of the surroundings your puppy is exposed to. Parasites like ticks can latch on your puppy. These ticks are carriers of diseases. Your puppy can get sick from those ticks, so prepare tick treatments just in case. Do not forget to check their skin from time to time to ensure that they are not infested with ticks.

Provide a play area

Puppies love to play, but it is dangerous for them to run around the house. There are a lot of hazards, and they can become a hazard to the other people in the house. Prepare a fenced yard or a bay gate if you go for an indoor play area. Prepare a space where all their toys are there, and they can freely play.

Do not feed your puppy table scraps

You may be tempted to share your food with your pup and give them treats to strengthen your bond, but this can lead to obesity. If you or your puppy gets used to these, their diet will be unbalanced, and they may take very unhealthy food for them, leading to health risks. To avoid these risks, only feed them the food designed for your puppy. Do not give in if they ask for some of your food while eating. Food that has high fats may be tolerable to us, but not for dogs. Feeding your puppy food high in fats can easily lead to pancreatitis.