Choose Your Pet’s Doctor Carefully

Choose Your Pet’s Doctor Carefully

When you bring a pet into the family, he quickly becomes a family member. You feed and care for your pet and in exchange, you get undivided love and loyalty. For your pet to live his life to the fullest, you need to provide annual checkups and keep him up to date on his shots. Choosing a veterinarian to care for this precious family member takes a bit of research, because you want a full-service vet who can handle all your pets in the same location. However, you need to consider more than a convenient location when choosing an animal hospital in Jacksonville.

What You Need to Consider

Begin by asking your friends and family who have their own animals for recommendations and check out the animal hospitals’ websites. Read through their list of capabilities and read the testimonials from satisfied customers before you venture further. Since you want to establish a long-term relationship with your pet’s vet, make sure they offer all the services you may need, including boarding and grooming. The veterinarians should have years of experience in all forms of animal illnesses and treatment programs. Check the hours of operation to make certain the hours mesh with your work schedule. They should also offer emergency services on a 24/7 basis. If possible, schedule an appointment to tour the facilities before you bring in your pet. Take note of the surgical facilities, which should be state of the art, and observe how the staff interacts with the pets in the waiting room. They should treat your animals with compassion and love. The overall objective of the practice should be to keep your pets happy and healthy and to prevent future health issues by being pro-active in your pet’s care.

What Else Is Important?

Look for a company who offers special incentives for new customers, such as a complimentary first examination. They should offer a wellness program, which provides year-round preventative care and discounts on office visits, for an affordable monthly payment. This program should include regular vaccinations and tests for heartworm and hookworm. They should also offer spay and neutering services for your young pets. The vet service you choose should specialize in quality care at an affordable cost. These are a few thing you need to think about when considering an animal hospital in Jacksonville.