3 Tips for Picking the Right Pet for Your Elderly Loved One

3 Tips for Picking the Right Pet for Your Elderly Loved One

If you have an elderly loved one that you think would benefit from having a pet live with them, the next thing to determine is what kind of pet you should get for them.

Depending on the stage of life that your loved one is in, the kind of pet that might be best for them will vary. For example, those who are right on the cusp of having to move into an assisted living facility probably shouldn’t have a pet that requires a lot of care and attention. So, to help you in choosing the right pet, here are three tips for picking the right pet for your elderly loved one.

Consider An Older Pet

For those who are thinking about getting their elderly loved one a pet like a dog or cat, you might want to shy away from getting them a puppy or a kitten.

For most older people, having to deal with the issues of a puppy or kitten can be too much for them. Because of this, you should consider getting an older pet if you’re wanting to go with a dog or cat.

With an older dog or cat, the personality of the pet will likely be very well established. This will make it easier to know if you’re getting a pet that will work well with your loved one and their personality. Additionally, older pets often don’t have as much energy as younger pets, which could be perfect for elderly people that might be running low on energy, too.

What Type of Mobility They Are Capable Of

Another thing that you’ll want to consider as you decide what type of pet to get for your elderly loved one is the kind of mobility that your loved one is capable of.

For many people, getting a pet is a great way to stay active and healthy. But if your loved one can’t get around very well as it is, you won’t want to get them a pet that requires more physical activity than they can facilitate for them. You also don’t want to get a pet that might be underfoot too much if you’re worried about things like balance for your elderly loved one.

Robot Pets Are an Option

One thing you might be worried about with getting a pet for an elderly loved one is what might happen to the pet if your loved one doesn’t end up being able to give them the care that they need.

If this is a concern at all, you might want to think about getting them a robot pet rather than a living pet. With a robot pet, your elderly loved one can still get the companionship that comes from a pet and give care to the pet like they would with a living pet, but they don’t have to worry about keeping the pet alive.

If you want to get a pet for your elderly loved one, consider using the tips mentioned above to assist you in picking the perfect pet.